Will the 2020 Election Be America’s Last?

The progressive plan to permanently control the United States

Will the 2020 Election Be America’s Last?

By: George Noga – September 6, 2020

Should Democrats take full control of government in the 2020 election, they plan to hold onto power in perpetuity; they intend for 2020 to be the last election in the United States. Americans will continue to vote in show elections just as they do in Russia, Belarus and Cuba, but the results will be preordained. Following are the elements of the progressive plan for permanent control of the United States of America.

Statehood for DC, PR, Others: They will make DC and Puerto Rico states immediately, resulting in 4 new Dem senators and 6-7 new electoral votes. Republicans would then need 53 of the original 100 seats to control the senate. If necessary, Dems will also make Guam, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands and the Northern Marianas states.

Pack Supreme Court: Progressives will add as many new justices as necessary to gain a majority. This can be accomplished in a matter of days by simple majority votes.

Abolish Electoral College: This requires a constitutional amendment, but a packed Supreme Court could green-light it anyway, paving the way for a popular vote.

National Popular Vote: With the Electoral College kaput, there would be a national popular vote including vote by mail, vote harvesting and massive fraud in deep blue states. The federal government would wrest control of elections from the states.

Abolish Filibuster: New laws could be enacted in mere hours; any wacky progressive idea could become law without checks, balances or guardrails.

This is not idle speculation. Democrats publicly support every

one of the policies listed herein – perhaps except social credits.

Massive Expansion of Voting: Citizenship for illegal aliens could add upward of 20 million votes; open borders would add millions more. Progressives will enable felons, including those incarcerated, to vote. They will expand the franchise to nearly 10 million 16-17 year olds. All these cohorts will vote Democrat by humongous margins.

Abolish Freedom of Speech: So-called hate speech laws will be enacted to criminalize communications that offend liberal sensibilities. Straight out of George Orwell, progressives will use the threat of hate speech to stifle opposing political speech.

Eliminate School Choice: All forms of school choice, including charters and vouchers, will be abolished. Government schools, run by unions and bureaucrats, will dutifully turn our (now voting) children into automatons indoctrinated in progressive dogma.

Social Credits: The capstone of progressive control will be a system of universal basic income (UBI) linked to social credits – such as now being used by the Chicoms. The amount of a person’s social credits (based on obeisance to progressive diktats) determines the amount of UBI, access to health care, education and other benefits.

If progressives control government, all the above can be placed in effect immediately. They could add 40 million new voters – heavily Democrat. Progressives publicly advocate for every one of the above policies, except maybe social credits. Even if only some of the policies are enacted, it would be enough to turn the USA into Venezuela or Zimbabwe. The 2020 election could very well be the last election in America!

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