About MLLG & Author

Information about the More Liberty – Less Government (“MLLG”) Foundation

MLLG began in 2007 with a blog that reached 150 readers and was delivered via USPS mail. It grew steadily over the years, eventually reaching putatively 100,000 readers via its direct commercial email service but mainly through other blogs and electronic journals that picked up and republished its weekly postings. Among those picking up the postings were BizPac Review, The Commentator and Tea Party Review with combined hits on their websites of 3 million per month. Additionally, many of our readers forwarded the posts to their own sizable email lists.

The blog was published for seven years until the end of 2014 with over 300 posts totaling 1,000 pages and 500,000 words. At that juncture we decided to take a sabbatical; thus, the blog did not publish during 2015 but returned in 2016 with a few changes. The posts now are shorter, 500 words more or less and readable in 2-3 minutes, and more focused on opinion and current events. What hasn’t changed is our total commitment to be fact-based, logical and principled.

“Our analysis and commentary is decidedly not conventional and provides pithy, provocative perspectives not often found elsewhere.”

We blog about economics, politics, human interest issues and just about anything. Our most widely read posts with the most “likes” have been about global warming, ObamaCare, taxation, poverty in America, school choice, gun control, organic foods, environmentalism, public choice economics, the myths of liberalism and the crisis of spending, debt and deficits. After reading our posts for a time, we believe you will agree that our analysis and commentary is not conventional and that we provide pithy, provocative perspectives not often found elsewhere.

We unabashedly approach matters from a more liberty – less government perspective but are strictly nonpartisan – we don’t particularly care very much for either of the major political parties. They both are leading us to perdition, although we recognize one of them will get us there quicker than the other. We respect facts and logic and follow those stars wherever they may lead; we push back against liberal myths but do not engage in ad hominem attacks.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is: “To give our children’s children that infinitesimally better chance for liberty”. Above all it is a cri de coeur for America. Using William Buckley’s construct, we are trying to stand athwart our beloved republic’s march toward oblivion and yell “stop!” We labor mightily to present different and compelling ways to show the blessings of liberty and the evils of government. Although our primary reason for writing is to stop America’s self-destructive slouch toward statism, there is a second, much darker, motive.

In the event it proves too late to prevent the suicide of our once great civilization, I wanted to leave a historical record so my children’s children would know there once was such a wondrous thing as the fire of liberty and that some of us took great care to preserve embers of that flame until at some future day the embers could be resurrected and used to reignite the torch of liberty. My favorite author, Whitaker Chambers, in his book, Cold Friday, describes the wreck of western civilization and the possible resurrection of liberty far better than I can hope to.

“It is idle to talk about preventing the wreck of western civilization. It already is a wreck from within. That is why we can hope to do little more than snatch a fingernail of a saint from the rack or a handful of ashes from the faggots, and bury them secretly against the day, ages hence, when a few men begin again to dare to believe there once was something else, that something else is thinkable, and need some evidence of what it was, and the fortifying knowledge there were those who, at the great nightfall, took loving thought to preserve the tokens of hope and faith.”

Of the 110 billion humans who ever have trod this earth, less than 1% lived their lives in liberty. Even in the present century, only about 10% of humans extant live in relative liberty. I used the term “relative” advisedly as liberty in America and other democracies is partial at best. Moreover, the clear trend is toward more government and less liberty confirming Jefferson’s prognostication that “the natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground”. Through this blog we aim to at least slow America’s slouch toward Gomorrah.

About the Author

The posts are written by George Noga who has backgrounds in economics and politics as well as considerable writing experience. Now retired and age 73 as of March 2016, George and his wife reside outside of Orlando, Florida and spend their summers in Whitefish, Montana. Following is more information about his background and credentials.

Noga has BS and MBA degrees in finance, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and holds numerous other professional designations. Early in his career he was a corporate financial executive in New York City. After 10 years in the corporate world, he started his own business – a financial services firm – which became one of the top 50 privately held firms in Central Florida.

He has been involved in national, state and local public policy issues and politics for over half a century. Following are some of the highlights.

  • In college he held some of the top offices in student government. During graduate school Noga and a small group of students decided to support a gubernatorial candidate who was running sixth out of six in the primary. Due in significant part to their assistance and their position papers on numerous issues, the candidate ended up running second and forcing the incumbent governor into a runoff and defeating him.
  • During the 1970s Noga worked part time helping manage campaigns for congressional candidates and became involved in national politics.
  • In 1973 during the Nixon administration he was in line to receive a subcabinet position, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for National Parks and Monuments, but the emerging Watergate scandal halted Senate consideration of Nixon appointments.
  • Over the years Noga was offered high level state gubernatorial appointments but he declined most of them; he did however serve one term on the Industrial Development Authority but declined reappointment. During the 1980s he wrote an op-ed column for many years for a local newspaper and was active in the arts community – serving as President and Chair of the Orlando Opera Company for some years.

“In what likely is his signal accomplishment, he started the school choice movement in Florida; the organization he founded today funds school choice for 68,000 children from poor families at a cost of $300 million annually.”

  • In what likely is his signal accomplishment, he started the school choice movement in Florida. The organization he began in 1994 (now called Step up for Students) currently funds 68,000 students each year from poor families to attend the school of their choice with an annual budget of $300 million. Because of his work in Florida, Noga was invited to join the board of Children First America – the leading national school choice organization that began school choice programs in over 100 US cities.
  • In 2010, along with another person, he founded the Center Right Coalition of Central Florida which now is beginning its seventh year of bringing together the center right community throughout the region. Until recently he served on the James Madison Institute (leading Florida think tank) Central Florida Advisory Board. He is one of only a few who has been honored as a “JMI Angel” – for his work in school choice.