MLLG Fall Preview – Microtopics – Joe Biden

MLLG Fall Preview – Net Neutrality – Campus Crackpots – Robocalls – Biden
MLLG Fall Preview – Microtopics – Joe Biden
By: George Noga – July 28, 2019

         We are taking a short summer break in August; hence, this is our last scheduled posting until our Labor/Capital Day special on September first; however, we may decide to write some impromptu postings during August if the force so moves us.

         Our September 1st post will be followed by a back-to-school blog September 8th and a Constitution Day posting September 15th. We also plan a September posting honoring Ludwig von Mises’ 138th birthday and an ultra special Columbus Day issue in October that is gloriously and triumphantly politically incorrect.

          This fall we tackle, for the first time in 12 years of blogging, the Mideast conflict by presenting our very own MLLG peace plan. Other likely topics include: (1) modern monetary theory or MMT; (2) condor cuisinart, i.e. liberalism and the birds; (3) electoral college/popular vote; (4) laboratories of democracy; and (5) universal basic income or UBI. Also look for updates about the 2020 election and the spending crisis.

        However, the highlight this fall undoubtedly will be our multi-part series on climate change slated to begin in mid to late October. This will be like nothing we have written before on this topic and features a fresh, new look and analysis of this divisive topic. It will be non-political and as factual and objective as humanly possible.

Net Neutrality – Campus Crackpots – Robocalls – Biden

             Net Neutrality: It’s been a full year since Trump abolished net neutrality amidst opposition claims it would usher in poor service, higher cost and a corporate feeding frenzy. The opposite has happened; chalk up another victory for markets.

           Campus Crackpots: Amherst College Office of Diversity and Inclusion emailed students a 36-page common language guide. Capitalism was defined as “An economic arrangement leading to exploitative labor practices, which affect marginalized groups disproportionately”.   But the piece de resistance is homonationalism defined as: “Why cis-gay and lesbian Iraq War veterans were celebrated for American exceptionalism in contrast to racist/orientalist Iraqi combatants in Central Asia racialized outside of U.S. understandings of whiteness“. Can you imagine 36 pages of this drivel?

          Robocalls: The biggest complaint Americans have is robocalls, of which there are nearly 100 billion each year. This scourge can be ended quickly with a penny tax on outgoing calls above 10 per day. No ordinary American would ever pay this tax but it would cost robocallers $1 billion/year. If a penny tax is insufficient, keep raising it until robocalls are in history’s rear view mirror. This is a simple and elegant solution.

          It’s Just Joe Being Joe: Throughout his 47-year government career, Biden has  been touchy-feely, gaffe prone and susceptible to outrageous, awkward and, at times, bizarre behavior. But he always skated by with people shaking their heads saying, “It’s just Joe being Joe“. Yet, that also was his greatest appeal; people knew and felt comfortable with Biden. Now, the far left crowd has Biden making 180-degree changes to life long positions. Suddenly, it’s no longer “Joe being Joe“. There is only one thing worse politically than “just Joe being Joe” and that is: Joe not being Joe.

Our next post is scheduled for September 1st – to honor Labor and Capital Day.
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Best All Time Montana Moments

The best of Montana Moments: our top six attractions of life in Montana. 
Best All Time Montana Moments
By: George Noga – July 21, 2019

         We reviewed all our Montana Moments blogs, selected the twelve best and ranked them in ascending order. Last week we presented numbers twelve to seven (on our website:; this week we conclude with numbers six to one.

6. Wild West: Echos of the frontier reverberate at Packer’s Roost, an outre biker bar in Hungry Horse, near Whitefish. It is named after convicted cannibal, Alfred Packer, and was Ted (Unabomber) Kaczynski’s haunt while hiding out from the FBI. Vestiges of the old west survive at the Blue Moon Nite Club, just outside Whitefish. A long bar populated two deep by working cowboys, many of whom are wasted, greets those undaunted enough to enter. There is a casino with jangling slots, pool tables, the de rigueur live poker game and rest rooms festooned with avant garde art, if you get my drift. Of course, there is a live country band with dancers attired in full western regalia. The gestalt of all this unfolding at once is an authentic Montana moment.

5. Great Outdoors: It’s hard to imagine a place on our planet better endowed by nature.  There are mountains, rivers and six-mile long Whitefish Lake. Every conceivable outdoor activity for all four seasons is present in spades. The Whitefish ski area is ranked eleventh best in the world (yes – in the world) by Ski Magazine. Each year there are magical days when you can ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon.

4. Rodeo: Every Thursday in summer there is a rodeo featuring locals; it begins with a moving, not-to-be-missed ceremony honoring US, Canadian and Montana flags. One event is youth bull riding for kids as young as eight. There are precautions: the bulls are young, their horns trimmed and the kids wear helmets. Nonetheless, a 50-pound eight-year old is riding a cantankerous wild 500-pound bull. Teenagers with serious hunting knives strapped to their waists freely mingle with the 2,000 spectators. If that happened at a big city high school football game, there would be panic, SWAT teams would fast rope in, the stadium would be evacuated and all knives confiscated.

3. Derby: I belong to a club with a 60-year tradition called Derby. Every Thursday at noon up to 30 golfers (in 3-man scramble teams) play simultaneously and finish in regulation time. Derby participants are ages 15 to 85, low wage to millionaires, scratch to high handicap, uneducated to Ph.Ds and Americans, Canadians, Native Americans and summer residents like me. Some openly smoke dope while others, who are deputy sheriffs, pretend not to notice. Some players have derby nicknames too ribald to print. The repartee is incessant and priceless. Derby is a bona fide Montana moment.

2. Whitefish: For a town of 6,500, Whitefish offers more than many cities 50 times its size. It is picturesque; many commercials you see are filmed there. It sits at 3,000 feet altitude in a valley, resulting in perfect summer weather and mild winters given its 48 degree latitude. It has a year-round full symphony orchestra, fine dining, live entertainment, non-stop festivals and several top-notch golf courses. It is the western gateway to Glacier National Park and only seven miles from world class skiing.

1. Glacier National Park: GNP is the crown jewel of NW Montana. It is (by far) the best national park of the many we have visited. It is so remote and with so little lodging, it remains relatively uncrowded – although that is changing. Its major artery, Going-to-the-Sun Road, is as spectacular as it is iconic. The only tricontinental divide in the USA, where water flows to 3 oceans (Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic), is in GNP.

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Twelve Best Montana Moments – Part I

The best of Montana Moments: our top twelve stories about life in Montana. 
Twelve Best Montana Moments – Part I
By: George Noga – July 14, 2019

         We have posted many Montana Moments over the years. Now, we have identified the twelve best, ranking them in ascending order. Herein we present Montana Moments numbers twelve to seven; we conclude next week with numbers six to one.

12. USA Today: During our first summer in Montana 15 years ago, we were unable to find national newspapers like The Wall Street Journal or USA Today. One day we drove by a large general store and my wife went in to see if they carried any of those papers. She asked the perky 16-year old girl who waited on her if they carried USA Today. The teenage girl pondered the question for a few moments and replied: “We don’t consider ourselves part of the USA.” It is easier to find national newspapers in Whitefish these days, but the attitude of the sprightly, high-spirited girl persists.

11. Bulldog Saloon: On Whitefish’s main street sits Bulldog’s, a retro bar, restaurant and poker room. It is packed with locals and Canadians because it accepts Canadian dollars at par for booze – a 30% discount. In the back is a poker table straight from a western movie set where a nightly game of Texas Hold’em takes place. Families with young children patronize Bulldog’s, despite restrooms festooned with “art” that would make a porn star blush. Last year I saw a 12-year old boy taking photos in the restroom with his cell phone. Check out Bulldog’s website:

10. No crying in Montana: I was about to play golf with 3 Montana friends when the starter permitted a group of women to go ahead of us. When challenged by one of our group, the starter replied that one of the women had cried and he felt sorry for her. One of my Montana friends immediately said, “There is no crying in golf.” A split second later, the other two Montanans exclaimed in unison, “There is no crying in Montana.

9. Central Avenue at 2:00 AM: Whitefish’s main street is lined with saloons, many with live music and live poker. In summer, especially on weekends, they are packed. By law, they must close at 2:00 AM. At precisely that time something inenarrable unfolds. Hundreds of well-lubricated young people (along with a certain septuagenarian poker player) simultaneously flood onto Central Avenue. The ensuing fifteen minutes is reminiscent of the Star Wars cafe scene and is an unforgettable Montana Moment.

8. Bear Bell: The club where I golf has a “blind” approach to the 18th green. To signal the group behind that it is safe to hit, upon completing the hole departing players ring a loud bell. When the bell inevitably rings, I act surprised and concerned and tell my out-of-town guests that was the “bear bell”, warning that a grizzly bear is nearby. It works every time and the reactions from my unsuspecting guests are priceless.

7. Gun Culture: When police pull over cars, they expect to find firearms; it is normal. When alarms go off in stores, the explanation is always the same, i.e. the customers are packing and simply forgot to leave their guns in the car. Preteen kids own real guns and get hunting licenses at age eleven. Youth deer hunting season is so popular all Montana schools close. Until a few years ago, it was okay for kids to bring their guns to school. A local PTA raffled an AK-47 “assault” rifle to raise funds. The local community college offers a course in gunsmithing. Despite the ubiquity of guns, the Flathead Valley gun homicide rate is incredibly low – one homicide every four years.

Next week, we present our top six all time Montana Moments.
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The Last Best Place in America

“For some states I have admiration, even affection, but with Montana it is love.” (Steinbeck)
The Last Best Place in America
By: George Noga – July 7, 2019

           Our first Montana Moments posting was in 2013. We were taken aback by its sudden popularity and we reprised it each summer. After 6 years, we are running out of new material about our summer home in Whitefish, in the Flathead Valley of NW Montana. This post champions Montana as America’s last best place. The next two posts, perhaps the final ones in this series, rank our top twelve Montana Moments.

         Americans have become disconnected from the natural world and the human world and poisoned by political correctness, environmental wackiness and obsessed with safety at all cost. Montana reconnects such people to the real world and to a vanishing civilization where everyone has a different attitude about life and risk. Montana, like a time capsule, whisks visitors back into this mostly forgotten world. In that magical land, where giants once roamed, people live at a pace driven by the beating of their hearts rather then by the pulsation of personal electronic devices.

        In the Treasure State, the cycles of nature are omnipresent. June ushers in a cornucopia of vegetables; in July the Flathead cherries are ripe, followed in August by huckleberries and melons and by peaches in September. The outdoor activities are without equal. In summer there is hiking, fly fishing, golf, rafting, floating, kayaking, mountain biking and every possible water activity. In fall and winter there is hunting, skiing, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and even the Aurora Borealis.

“Like a time capsule, Montana whisks you back to a half-lost world.”

         The human world also is magical. There is a weekly summer rodeo, which includes youth bull riding – beginning at age eight. Guns are a normal part of everyday life; the local PTA once auctioned off an AK-47 for its fundraiser. Youth deer hunting season (starts at age 11) is so popular that all Montana schools close for its two days. Whitefish, with a population of 6,500, has a full time symphony orchestra, live theater, fine dining, cabaret and nonstop festivals. Vestiges of the wild west persist and still continue to exert a powerful influence on Montanans’ culture and attitudes.

            Montana is 750 miles across from North Dakota to Idaho and larger than Japan. There are fewer than 7 people per square mile, making its population density 48th in the US; only Alaska and Wyoming are less dense; it is the same density as America in 1790 and only 8 percent as dense as the USA is today. Montanans are so accustomed to its vastness that anything not on a grand scale seems trivial to them. Even today, most residents think nothing of driving 100 miles to attend a dinner or a dance.

         There are few developed places in our fourth largest state; Billings, its largest city, has but 110,000 people. Everywhere in Montana, within a few minutes drive, one can find a peaceful prairie, quiet meadow, majestic mountaintop or a rippling stream flush with trout, where you can be alone with nature and replenish your soul.

          This is the simple majesty and grandeur – both natural and human – of Montana and what makes it the last best place in America. And even for those who have shuffled off this mortal coil, Montana is the best last place in America.

Next week: MLLG’s top twelve Montana Moments – numbers 12 to 7.
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Democratic Party Debates: 2016 Deja Vu

America, as described by the Democratic Party candidates, is unrecognizable.
Democratic Party Debates: 2016 Deja Vu
By: George Noga – July 5, 2019

           This impromptu posting offers our impressions of the Democratic Party debates. The candidates inhabit an America that is unrecognizable. The country they describe is straight from The Grapes of Wrath or from a Dickens’ novel, such as Hard Times, which details the soul-crushing conditions in Coketown, a fictional English town.

      The Democrats’ America is racist, homophobic, xenophobic and inhumane; everyone is drowning in student loan debt. Corporations are rapacious monopolists bent on polluting our air and water. We are wallowing in historic financial inequality; all but the top 1% are failing. Systemic corruption infects healthcare, guns and climate change. America is riven by class, race, and income; women live The Handmaid’s Taleand blacks Jim Crow. President Trump is a devil and Mitch McConnell is a fiend.

        How do the Dems square their Dickensian vision of America with the fact that 71% of Americans (60% of Dems) say the economy is doing well and where every metric of environmental and human well-being is the best it has been and is getting better? Who are voters going to believe, the Democrats or their own lyin’ eyes?

         They want to take private health insurance from 177 million Americans who are happy with theirs. They advocate open borders, eliminating checks at points of entry, including airports. They want to increase taxes and to eliminate fossil fuels. Their solution to everything is more government, even to the point of socialism.

         The candidates preached to Americans as though they were unrepentant sinners, who must be instructed about what is morally right and wrong. They relentlessly tarred Americans as heartless bigots. The elites, the left and the media all are oblivious to how this endless sermonizing disgusts the irredeemable deplorables in flyover land.

       When Democrats weren’t sermonizing or patronizing us with their high-school Spanish, they were busy virtue signalling. They fatuously reminded us of their mixed-race families, homes in diverse neighborhoods, military service and immigrant roots. They reveled in their desperanto quasi-victimhood, medical problems and student loan debt and reminded us about just how compassionate and caring they really are.

        The biggest contretemps occurred between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden when Harris excoriated Biden for his stance on forced busing in the 1970s. This is telling for several reasons. Harris tarred Biden as racist for opposing busing; but busing was wildly unpopular, opposed by 96% of whites and 91% of blacks. Biden was right to oppose busing and Harris wrong to attack him for it. Nonetheless, Harris was credited with claiming Biden’s scalp and Biden was so clueless, he couldn’t defend himself.

          The Democrats are making all the same mistakes (and then some) that they made in 2016 and, if they continue, they will reap the same outcome. A sane voter looking for an alternative to Trump did not find one in the debates. And if the Democrats keep on denigrating ordinary Americans, it will be as Yogi said, deja vu all over again.

Next on July 7th, we begin our popular summer series, Montana Moments.  
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Independence Day 2019

What do marauding extraterrestrials, progressives and Muslims have in common?
Independence Day 2019
By: George Noga – June 30, 2019

        This is an update of our most popular July 4th posting inspired by the movie Independence Day, in which extraterrestrials, having despoiled their home planet, invade Earth with the objective of stripping it of all its resources, rendering it uninhabitable and then moving on to do the same to other planets. An alien race plundering planets, leaving them dead, failing to learn from it and then replicating such behavior on other pristine worlds repulsed everyone who saw the movie. Yet, this exact same behavior pattern is being aped today by progressives and others.

         Liberals have despoiled their blue state homes via decades of failed progressive governance including sky-high taxes, mindless regulation, gun control, failed schools, mandatory unionization, rampant crime, political corruption, high living cost, massive debt, huge unfunded liabilities and sanctuary for illegal immigrants. After rendering their home states uninhabitable, they flee these bleak dystopian wastelands where everyday life can be toxic. They invade red states with much lower taxes, less crime, fewer regulations, right-to-work laws, lower cost of living, balanced budgets, better schools, gun rights and where everyday life is freer and more humanistic.

          The transplanted liberals, who move to red states by the millions, love life in red state America; none ever return to their blue state snake pits. However, just like the marauding aliens in Independence Day, most transplanted progressives continue to vote for the same pernicious and destructive policies that turned their home planet (blue states) into the veritable hell holes they desperately fled. Inexplicably, most invaders from blue states don’t make the connection between the policies that doomed their home states and the different red state policies that attracted them.

        Progressives aren’t the only ones mimicking the Earth-invading aliens. Muslims are deserting their home countries in droves to emigrate to western democracies. They flee their noxious homelands so they can speak, vote, live and worship in liberty and build a much better life for their children. Instead, they copy the marauding aliens and attempt to turn their new homes into replicas of the entropic rats’ nests they fled including Sharia law, genital mutilation, honor killings and subjugation of  women.

         There are other groups impersonating aliens bent on destroying the planet. Today, there are over 5 million Puerto Ricans living in the US (1.2 million in Florida) while only about 3 million remain in Puerto Rico. Most vote for the same failed policies that depredated their troubled island. Political dysfunction caused much more devastation than Hurricane Maria. Then there also are El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

       It’s hard to draw distinctions between planet-destroying aliens of Independence Day and progressives, Muslims and Puerto Ricans. They each have despoiled their own world, moved on to new worlds and are despoiling them. There is one critical distinction: the aliens of Independence Dayafter destroying Earth, could move on to other planets; that option is not yet available to us. When will they ever learn?

Next on July 7th, we begin our popular summer series, Montana Moments.  

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Democratic Party 2020 Presidential Candidate Positions

Democratic Party candidate positions for 2020 election; we can’t make this stuff up.
Democratic Party 2020 Presidential Candidate Positions
By: George Noga – June 23, 2019

        The first debate among Democratic Party presidential candidates is this week. MLLG has compiled a compendium of the positions publicly advocated by declared candidates. It is presented for our readers in no particular order. Sic loquitur pro se.

1. Payment of reparations for slavery
2. New wealth tax of 3% per year on assets
3. Late term abortion – up to the moment of birth
4. Restoration of voting rights for released felons
5. Impeachment of President Trump
6. Raising the top personal income tax rate to 70% (from present 37%)
7. Refusal to repudiate anti-Semitism by Democrat members of Congress
8. Free college tuition for all
9. Medicare for all (It’s not really Medicare; it’s Medicaid.)
10. Raising the corporate tax rate to 35% (from present 21%)
11. Abolition of the Electoral College
12. Amnesty for illegal aliens
13. No gun rights for released felons (See number four supra.)
14. Capping interest rates on all credit cards
15. Packing the Supreme Court by adding up to four new justices
16. Federal jobs guarantee to everyone
17. Minimum wage of $15 per hour
18. Infanticide: “Make the baby comfortable while deciding whether to kill it.”
19. Impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh
20. Voting rights for felons still incarcerated (including Dzhokhar Tsarnaev)
21. Citizenship (voting rights) for illegal aliens
22. Voting for 16-year olds
23. Green New Deal including no air travel or cows and one car per family
24. Abolish ICE – US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
25. Deep cuts to defense spending
26. Abolishing senate filibusters
27. Single payer government health care for all
28. Federal licensing and control of all large corporations
29. Strict new gun control measures including confiscations
30. Federalizing all voter registration
31. Abolishing or changing the method of representation in the US Senate
32. Ending all private health insurance and insurance companies
33. Reinstituting the Iran nuclear deal
34. Statehood for DC, PR, VI, Guam: 8 new senators; 14 new electoral votes
35. Tearing down existing walls on our southwest border with Mexico
36. Raising the estate tax rate to 77% (from present 40%)
37. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord
38. Raising the payroll tax by 2.4 points – equivalent to 15%
39. Means testing Social Security
40. Taxing capital gains as ordinary income
41. Removing all caps from the payroll tax
42. Taxing unrealized capital gains each year
43. Jailing corporate executives for regulatory violations
44. Cash distribution of $1,000 per month to everyone (UBI)
45. Forgiveness of all student loan debt – $1.5 trillion
46. Federal payment to teachers of $315 billion over 10 years
47. Outlawing all state right-to-work laws
48. Increase fuel economy standards for all cars
49. Halt all energy leases on federal land
50. Spending $5 trillion (unspecified) to control emissions
51. Opposition to nuclear energy (cleanest energy we have)
52. Creation of new Americorps – to plant trees on marginal land
53. Prohibiting the private practice of medicine (Medicare for America bill)
54. Federal licensing of all firearms – must be renewed every 5 years
55. Abolition of payday loans – by mandating ultra-low interest rates
56. Have the USPS (postal service) make low interest loans to consumers
57. Imposition of a VAT – value added tax on the entire US economy
58. Added 7% corporate tax on reported income higher than taxable income
59. Free government provided health care for all illegal aliens
60. Legalization of recreational marijuana throughout the United States
61. Require companies to obtain equal pay certificate from the US EEOC
62. Dictate national paid leave policy for the entire private sector
63. Mandate federal preclearance for states to pass any new abortion laws
64. Federal taxpayer funding of abortions (repeal of Hyde Amendment)
65. Breakup Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon
66. New exit tax of 40% of assets for any American giving up citizenship
67. Federal government pays all rent for anyone in excess of 30% of income
68. New promises are being added at the rate of 2-3 each and every week

Next on June 30 is our special Independence Day posting; don’t miss this one!
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Real World Summers for Students

Students should use summers to escape the PC bubble and to experience the real world.
Real World Summers for Students
By: George Noga – June 16, 2019

           High school and college students would benefit from summer jobs or activities that take them far outside their PC plastic bubbles and expose them to the real world. Students are indoctrinated in progressive dogma from the moment they set foot in school. They understandably come to believe their ersatz PC world is authentic and are unaware just how opposed it is to the real world. Upon leaving their ivy towers at graduation, they are gobsmacked by and unprepared for the world as it really is.

          You may have seen the story about a parent who asked a recent graduate of an elite school what he knew about George Washington. All the student knew was that Washington owned slaves; he knew absolutely nothing else. That is how outre life is inside the progressive bubble. Students would learn much more of value by eschewing traditional summer internships and undertaking one of the activities identified infra. In addition to better understanding the real world and the real America, they might acquire some grit, which would be of inestimable value in their future life.

          Road trip across America: Students could take a trip to see the USA including the Rust Belt, Appalachia, mid-America, mountain west and the desert southwest, i.e. flyover land. They should stay in small towns – often for days at a time and try to engage people. Above all, they must keep a contemporaneous diary and at the end of the trip write a report about who they spoke with, and what they learned. Yale has a Summer Odyssey program, which finances such trips, for their insulated students.

          Gritty jobs: While earning some walking-around money, students would benefit incalculably from jobs like plumbing, house painting, construction or surveying that expose them to a swath of humanity well outside their normal society. They will learn valuable real-world lessons about job demands as well as about human nature from their coworkers. They may also acquire some grit. When I was a student, I worked a variety of gritty summer jobs, including one managing the all-night shift in a bus terminal in a seedy part of town. The life lessons learned there proved invaluable.

        Military and ROTC: All the services have JROTC (Junior ROTC) for high school students and ROTC for college students. JROTC teaches achievement, wellness, character and leadership and offers various challenging summer programs. For college students, ROTC offers demanding summer programs that push cadets to their limits physically and mentally, including paratrooper and ranger training. Military experience offers valuable life lessons and exposure to a culture that is decidedly not PC.

         Summer in Socialist Countries: Students are taught (and many believe) socialism is a great thing – and far superior to capitalism. Such students, who have imbibed the socialist cool-aid, may want to spend a summer in nearby Cuba or Venezuela – but they should remember to bring their own medicine, toilet paper and other essentials.

         It isn’t too late to do one or more of the above this summer or you can begin to plan for next summer. Readers with children or grandchildren in HS or college may wish to encourage (and possibly to help finance) a road trip across America.

       Students can learn a great deal about America, human nature and the real world from people in flyover land, from coworkers in gritty occupations, from military drill sergeants and even from socialists and commies in Cuba and Venezuela.

Next June 23rd is our pre-debate special about Democratic Party positions.
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Europe’s March Toward Nihilism

Europe is like a dissolute doyenne, blithely sipping absinthe at a cafe, who has traded a few more decades of decadence in exchange for her eventual suicide.
Europe’s March Toward Nihilism
By: George Noga – June 9, 2019

            Europe’s passage to nihilism is nearly complete. For more and more phlegmatic Europeans, life has no intrinsic meaning or value; nothing is morally right or wrong; they are like pigs eating whatever life drops into their trough. A meaningless life is a terrible ordeal no matter how comfortable it is (Nietzsche). Europeans refuse to defend themselves, outsourcing that to America. In the ultimate form of nihilism, they refuse to reproduce, outsourcing that task to immigrants who deride and disdain them.

          Rigor mortis is beginning to descend on Europe as it is experiencing entropy politically, demographically, culturally, morally and spiritually; the lassitude of its people – physically and intellectually – precludes any possible antidote. Just as the absinthe-sipping doyenne, Europe has made a Faustian Bargain and is grasping for time until its eventual demise – a fate it has tacitly accepted. We conclude this post with the plaintive story of Mario, who personifies Europe’s steady march to Gomorrah.

Europe no longer produces the values necessary for its survival.

        The EU as a political construct is in terminal dissolution because it places the state above the individual. It has never won an election in any EU member state; remember Brexit. Nor will the Euro last much longer. Italy is near bankrupt as are Spain, Portugal and some others. The ECB is keeping the ship afloat but monetary policy cannot overcome all the deeply embedded government barriers to growth.

          Europe is flailing economically with GDP growth hovering near 1%, persistently high unemployment, continued quantitative easing and negative interest rates despite many years without recession. Creativity and innovation are dead; when was the last time Europe produced a new technology? Of the top 50 global tech companies, only four are in Europe, but they are washed up vestiges of the past. The specter of decline is stalking Europe; it even outsources its popular culture to America.

        If demographics is destiny, Europe is headed for oblivion. Germany faces the worst demographic crisis extant, except for Japan. The ethnic European fertility rate is around 1.25 and its population will nearly halve every generation. A child without parents is an orphan, but a nation without children is an orphan people. The elites of Europe have embraced diversity but they are committing suicide by diversity. It is but a matter of time until Sweden becomes Western Europe’s first muslim nation.

The True Story of Mario Puts a Face on Europe’s Nihilism

         The last time we were in Paris, my wife and I took a hotel shuttle to the airport; we were the only two passengers and struck up a conversation with our driver. Mario was 33, trilingual, educated and personable. He was from Italy but moved to France because there were no jobs in Italy. His job (driving the shuttle) had no chance for advancement and he expected to remain in the same menial job his entire working life. He lived with a girlfriend but had no intention to marry and was adamant about never having children. He already was thinking about his pension 30 years in the future.

        Mario left his native country and family for a low paying, dead-end job in another country where he would never fully belong. He had already driven the van for 14 years and was facing another 29 years, or 60,000 more trips to the airport. He would subsist on the fringes of society, eschewing wife and children. Nevertheless, Mario’s calculus was that this bleak, hardscrabble existence was better than the life he left behind.

        Multiply Mario by tens of millions and you understand the zombie-like demeanor and look of quiet desperation we witnessed on the faces of Europe’s young people. Those countenances of hopelessness personify Europe’s march toward nihilism. Let’s hope we never see such hollow-eyed expressions on the faces of young Americans.

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Blexit: Black Exit From Democratic Party

A 10 point shift (from 90% to 80%) in the Democrat share of the black vote makes AZ, FL, MI, NC, OH, PA and WI reliably red and it turns CO, MN and NV purple.
Blexit: Black Exit From Democratic Party
By: George Noga – June 2, 2019

          It’s happening! There is an unmistakable shift underway in black voting patterns. MLLG was among the very first to recognize it in our February 12, 2017 post, on our website: Now, the rest of the political world is catching up. This movement has a name, blexit, a term coined by Kanye West and Candace Owens. Blexit is the black exodus from the Democratic Party, but it also includes Latinos and other minorities. Google “blexit” to find a cornucopia of additional information.

        Let’s begin with numbers. To utterly transform American politics, Republicans don’t need to win the black vote; they only need to win an additional 10 percentage points more than in 2016, i.e. to increase their share from 10% to 20%. This would shift 2 million Democratic votes to Republican – a swing of 4 million votes.

          MLLG analyzed such a hypothetical shift on a state-by-state basis. Using official 2016 vote data, we calculated the results of moving an additional 10 ppts of the black vote from Dem to Rep. The results were shocking. Arizona, Florida, Michigan North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin all would become reliably red states. Moreover, Colorado, Minnesota and Nevada would go from being blue to purple.

       The black vote during Obama’s two elections was 95% and 93% Democratic respectively. In 2016 it reverted back to pre-Obama levels of 88%-90%. However, recent polls show Trump getting 20% of the black vote. Democrats are faced with the Sisyphean task of needing 90% of the black vote; if they win only 80%, they are sunk.

There is absolutely no room for Dems on the upside; it is all downside risk for them.

          This shouldn’t come as a surprise to Democrats, who pander to blacks in election years. Afterward however, blacks still live in the same dysfunctional, crime-infested neighborhoods with the same failed government schools and the same desperate economic prospects. Progressive policies don’t alleviate problems of black Americans, they exacerbate them. Blacks understand this and resent that their votes are captured. 

        Democrats must quit seeing racists behind every tree. Racism has been thoroughly delegitimized; every white supremacist and klansman in America likely could fit inside a high school gym. Blacks in America today are victims of progressivism, not racism. The best antidotes to progressivism’s failures are education, personal initiative, free markets, hard work, thrift and family values. After 70 years of horribly failed liberal policies devastating inner cities, blacks are beginning to push back – hence, blexit.

“Blacks in America today are victims of progressivism, not racism.”

       One issue driving blexit is school choice, which is the civil rights issue of our time. Black leaders (unionists, politicians, educrats) stand in the schoolhouse door keeping poor black children hostage in failed government schools. Black and Hispanic voucher moms are responsible for the 2018 gubernatorial victories of DeSantis and Ducey in Florida and Arizona respectively. If Republicans make school choice a national issue in 2020 as they should, it would scare the bejesus out of progressives.

         Liberalism has failed miserably to improve the daily lives of blacks despite 70 years of progressive rule in inner cities and in deep blue states and after eight years of a black president. Meanwhile, in just a few years, Trump virtually eliminated black unemployment. Blacks, in ever increasing numbers, and led by a new cadre of smart, articulate, conservative leaders like West and Owens, understand they have nothing to lose by abandoning their unquestioned allegiance to failed progressive policies.

         The blexit movement is catching fire and has an aura of historical inevitability. As Trump constantly reminds blacks, “What the hell do you have to lose?

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