Destroying the Link between Capitalism and Wealth

If  capitalism and liberty lose the culture war, it will be because Americans have lost the link that brought us our unprecedented cornucopia of  wealth.
Destroying the Link between Capitalism and Wealth
By: George Noga – March 11, 2018

      This is the second and final post seeking to answer the question: Does capitalism sow the seeds of its own destruction? The first part is on our website: This question first was posed 100 years ago by economist Joseph Schumpeter. We will conclude by comparing Schumpeter’s predictions with where America stands today.

       We are engaged in a great culture war for the preservation of capitalism along with wealth and liberty, which are symbiotically linked to capitalism. If we have capitalism, we ipso facto have liberty and wealth. Without capitalism we become poorer and less free, while under socialism we are impoverished and tyrannized; think Venezuela.

     How bad is the anti-capitalist mentality? One poll showed 4 out of 10 US adults preferred socialism to capitalism. A YouGov poll asked if respondents had a favorable view of capitalism or socialism. With Democrats, it was tied at 42%; millennials chose socialism 43% to 32%. In a Gallup poll, 47% of respondents reported they would vote for a qualified socialist for president; 69% of those ages 18-29 said they would. Of  millennials, 58% would rather live under socialism than capitalism. In a Politico poll, Democrat voters in every age group, gender and race said they liked socialism.

     Unsurprisingly, few people, especially millennials, understand what capitalism, socialism or communism really is. Large majorities conflate European social welfare states with socialism. They particularly believe Sweden is the model of a successful socialist country. Read our October 15, 2017 post “Socialism and Sweden” on our website; it shows Sweden as a free-market capitalist country. Liberals and millennials it seems are not only brainwashed but ignorant. Perhaps they can spend their next vacation in Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea to see real socialism at work.

Let’s revisit Schumpeter’s prediction, which contained five sequential points.

  1.  Capitalism will create great wealth. This has come true to an extent few dreamed.
  2.  More people will be educated. Again true, in America education is universal.
  3.  Professors and teachers will promote anti-capitalist ideas. BINGO!
  4.  People will vote for social welfare states. Already true  as shown by polling.
  5.  Capitalism’s success brings about its own destruction. This hangs in the balance.
     Schumpeter feared the demise of capitalism, along with wealth and liberty, would usher in a new dark age and we may have to wait centuries for the reemergence of capitalism and liberty. If Schumpeter’s final prediction comes true, we will drag the entire planet into a lengthy and unspeakable Orwellian torpor where men lead lives of quiet desperation, where war is peace, bad is good, immoral is moral and big brother always is watching. Nowhere is it written that liberty will survive.

My March 18th post is mega special; hint: it is my 75th birthday!