War on Black Americans Shifts Voting Patterns

Democrats pander to blacks before each election and then ignore them. Liberal policies are tantamount to a war on blacks, but a tectonic shift in black voting may be underway.
War on Black Americans Shifts Voting Patterns
By: George Noga – February 12, 2017
     MLLG is among the very first to detect a shift in black Americans’ voting patterns. A cardinal principle of American politics is that there are no permanent majorities; coalitions and interests continually change. Not long ago Texas was reliably Democrat and California reliably Republican. In 2016 Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania flipped. A seismic shift also may be underway for African-American voters!
      In 2016 black voting returned to the pre-Obama 90% Democrat level. The bigger story lay in the 2 million who voted in 2012 but not 2016. In 2020 if blacks vote 80% Democrat, that’s a shift of 6 million votes – 4 million less for Democrats (including the 2 million who don’t vote) and 2 million more for Republicans. Such a shift of only 10 percentage points would swing Colorado, Minnesota and Nevada from Democrat to Republican and would make Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin reliably Republican and crush Democrats’ electoral hopes.
     If I were a Democrat, those data would terrify me; if I were a Republican, I would sense the electoral opportunity of a generation. The only potential for Democrats is on the downside as they effectively will never get above 90% of the black vote. Such a shift is possible within four years due to two major forces – growing disillusionment among blacks with harmful Democrat policies and Trump economic policies buttressed by likely benefits from his appointees in education (DeVos) and HUD (Carson).
The War on Black America
     Democrats pander to blacks in election years but afterward blacks live in the same dysfunctional, crime-infested neighborhoods with the same failed schools and the same dim economic prospects. Liberal policies don’t alleviate their problems, they aggravate them. They know their votes are captured and they now realize they have nothing to lose by abandoning their unquestioned allegiance to failed progressive policies.
     There are countless Democrat policies – including those advanced by Obama – that harm blacks in particular; following are merely five of the worst such policies.
1. Opposition to school choice tops the list. Dems and the NAACP, in obeisance to teachers unions, oppose school choice and even charter schools although failed public schools are literally killing black kids. The NAACP has outlived its moral purpose.
2, Low economic growth harms blacks disproportionately. But Dems are committed to hyper-regulation, high taxes and uncertainty which strangles economic growth. This results in unemployment and underemployment with little or no wage growth.
3. The war on drugs is responsible for the arrest and incarceration of legions of blacks and creates a milieu of urban terrorism in poorer neighborhoods. Dems are anti-police and oppose broken window policing despite overwhelming support among blacks.
4. Obamacare has created an army of 49ers and 29ers along with sky-high premiums, deductibles and copays. It also raised taxes and restricted economic expansion.
5. Minimum wage hikes, overtime rules and banning payday loans all savage African-Americans much more so than others. These policies are toxic and bereft of benefit.
    Democrats, the NAACP and African-American leaders are viciously attacking Trump, DeVos and Carson – not out of concern for black Americans or because they worry that their policies will fail. They attack them because they are terrified to their marrow that Trump and his appointees and policies will succeed – and with it drop the black Democrat vote from 90% to 80% and that they will be sucked up in the vortex.


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