MLLG Extra – Hurrah for Brexit!

Brexit is an unalloyed blessing resulting in more liberty and less government

By: George Noga – June 28, 2016

    The Brexit vote truly was a seminal event of our time; as such, it compels timely comment from MLLG. The media, as usual caught up in argle-bargle and short-term fallout, missed the main story. Pure and simple – the Brexit vote was one for more liberty and less government! The people of the UK just eliminated an entire layer of government – and an oppressive and excrescent one at that. Only good things result whenever any people embrace the tree of liberty and prune back government.    

    Brexit was seminal because the Brits decisively took back their country from unelected and unresponsive Brussels bureaucrats. It was seminal because it demarks the beginning of the end of the European Union. It was seminal because it validates and energizes a powerful force sweeping the planet to end failed grand political experiments. It has direct repercussions for our own election in November.

    The EU is a failed experiment. It failed to deliver prosperity or even economic stability. Social and economic mobility are moribund. Economic growth is absent. Innovation is non-existent in electronics, software, drugs or even pop culture. Unemployment among the young is endemic; half in southern Europe are unemployed. They have created a generation without work skills or habits. Successful young people abandon continental Europe in droves for America and the UK.

    Many governments are effectively insolvent, kept afloat only by ECB financial repression, massive borrowing, quantitative easing, negative interest rates and a war on cash. Sales of safes are soaring throughout Europe. Europe is in entropy and Europeans are in a deep torpor from which they refuse to defend themselves; they think so little of their future, they even refuse to reproduce. They live lives of quiet desperation.

    Many events are falsely hailed as seminal; Brexit truly was such an event. The political landscape of Europe was transformed, likely forever. There will be uncertainty and some tumult in the time ahead as the political and economic disintegration of Europe proceeds apace. Nevertheless, the Brexit vote was an unalloyed blessing resulting in more liberty and less government. Hurray for Brexit!

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