Will Liberals Please Just Leave Me Alone

Mankind divides into two camps: those who seek control and those who want to be left alone.

Will Liberals Please Just Leave Me Alone

By: George Noga – June 13, 2021

Political labels abound. There are democrats, fascists, liberals, communists, centrists, conservatives, progressives, populists, republicans, socialists, libertarians, anarchists, democratic socialists and many others. Labels notwithstanding, all mankind is divided into two camps: those who want to control others and those who want to be left alone.

Robert Heinlein (Stranger in a Strange Land) wrote, “Humanity divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.” Grover Norquist wrote that people divide politically between the “leave us alone” and the “takings” coalitions. Thomas Jefferson nailed it 260 years ago: “Men are divided into two parties. There are those who fear and distrust the people and wish to place all power into the higher classes. Then there are those who identify with the people and have confidence in them. In every country these two parties exist. Call them by whatever name you please, but they are the same parties and pursue the same object.”

Liberals want people to be controlled and they want to be the controllers because they know best what is good for all 330 million Americans. Liberals don’t want to leave people alone; they want to take from them. Liberals fear and distrust the people and the states and want to arrogate all power to themselves. They believe in the supremacy of the state and thereby reject the principles of America’s founding documents. They must control individuals to control society in order to bring about their vision of Utopia, inevitably resulting in hell on earth, as in all Utopias throughout history.

Why Liberals Hate Capitalism and Love Socialism

Liberals fear and loathe capitalism even though it has created enormous wealth for all Americans and indeed for the entire world. They reject it because they cannot control it. Following are the main reasons liberals hate capitalism and love socialism.

Capitalism happens organically: Adam Smith did not invent capitalism; he merely explained what happens naturally. No intellectual ever wrote a capitalist manifesto. No one is capable of controlling capitalism, whereas socialism requires controllers.

Capitalism is egalitarian: Anyone, including uneducated blokes, can make a fortune by providing a valuable product or service to consumers. In contrast, intellectuals are unrecognized and unrewarded; they are repulsed by successful capitalists.

Consumers are sovereign: The common man holds all the power; his decisions to buy (or not to buy) make suppliers rich (or poor). Wealth is achieved only by serving consumers; socialists and intellectuals have no special status or benefits.

Capitalism brooks no excuses: Success is based only on the ability to provide value to others. Capitalism is to each according to his accomplishments, not to his intentions.

Socialists are not rewarded by markets: Socialists succeed only by pleasing their government masters, not by providing value to others. Socialists prefer regulation to the chaos of markets and believe their pet theories should override the free decisions of individuals, if necessary by invoking the full police power of the state.


Liberals covet control over others; they don’t understand why the poor ignorant rubes in flyover land believe they know what is best for themselves and for their families. Socialists, often highly educated intellectuals with pristine intentions, envision themselves as heroic emancipators, crushing greedy capitalists, saving helpless victims, creating a socialist Utopia and then reaping the approbation of all mankind.

Recorded history began 5,000 years ago with Sumerian cuneiform script. During the entire span of 5 millennia there is not one record of a successful socialist or Utopian state. But modern day liberals believe they will get it right next time if we give them just one more chance. My message to them is simple: Please, just leave me alone.

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