The Trump Presidency: A Retrospective

Trump’s story is classic Greek tragedy; he attained high office and achieved great things.
But it ended in disaster via unexpected events and flaws always present in his character.

The Trump Presidency: A Retrospective

By: George Noga – March 7, 2021

Trump’s most significant accomplishment was empowering and giving voice to half of all Americans – about 165 million – who had been voiceless for decades. These were good men and women who progressives and the media never saw inside their bicoastal plastic bubbles. These were decent unbiased people, many of whom voted for Obama. These were patriotic Americans whose values were mocked and ridiculed. Trump understood these people and, perhaps alone among politicians, actually liked them.

Trump never could have been president without Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama enabled Trump’s election because of his blatant narcissism, solipsism, superiority complex, annoying smugness and contempt for those who “cling to their guns and religion”. Hillary Clinton enabled Trump by her off-putting abrasive manner and visceral contempt for the “irredeemable deplorables” in middle America.

Even before his election Trump was subjected to unprecedented vitriol. His consensual dalliances were the grist of daily news while Bill Clinton, whose misogynistic actions were far worse, got a pass. The Billy Bush tape was leaked, which never would have happened to a progressive. The Russia hoax and Mueller probe went on interminably as did the Ukraine impeachment, even though it was Hillary who colluded with Russia and Biden with Ukraine. There’s more – much more – but we move on.

Accomplishments of the Trump Presidency

Following are but some Trumpian accomplishments. He defeated ISIS and destroyed the caliphate, retaliated against Syrian aggression, killed General Soleimani and al Baghdadi, freed our hostages, halted North Korean nuclear and missile testing, deported 5,000 MS-13 gang members, forced allies to vastly increase NATO defense funding, moved the US embassy to Jerusalem and achieved peace in the Middle East for which he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize – maybe Obama should give him his.

He withdrew the US from the deeply flawed Iran deal and the Paris climate accord, reversed Obama’s ill advised Cuba policy, sold Ukraine lethal weapons (not blankets like Obama) changing the correlation of forces, worked with Mexico to reduce illegal immigration, increased US defense spending after Obama savaged it, challenged China by tariffs and restrictions on Huawei and slowed the Russian Nord Stream Pipeline.

Domestically, Trump presided over unparalleled economic success and stock market returns, historic tax reduction and simplification along with massive deregulation. He approved pipelines and drilling in ANWAR leading to American energy independence, reinstated net neutrality and transformed the Veterans Administration. Unemployment was the lowest in recorded history for blacks, Hispanics, Asians and women.

Trump created opportunity zones in predominantly African-American areas, improved NAFTA and always put America first. He achieved criminal justice reform, appointed 3 Supreme Court justices, 54 appellate court justices and scores of federal judges. He ended the Obamacare individual mandate and vastly expanded school choice.

Covid – The 2020 Election – The Aftermath

Trump was a shoo-in for reelection, likely in a landslide, until the pandemic hit. He then made several inspired decisions. He halted travel from China, later expanded to Europe, long before that was an obvious decision. He got the private sector involved early on. Operation Warp Speed, the most successful government program in ages, produced vaccines in record time. His decisions to end lockdowns, open the economy and reopen schools were correct. But, he was excoriated for his optics while Andrew Cuomo was lionized despite likely criminal culpability for nursing home deaths.

Trump’s opponents, using Covid as a smokescreen, then enabled massive election fraud in states where they controlled the legislature and/or judiciary. There undoubtedly were huge numbers of fraudulent votes cast; however, the fraud was in the votes and not in the manner they were counted. Hence, the fraud could not be detected by recounts.

Our protagonist (Trump) in this Greek tragedy accomplished great things including his handling of the pandemic. Instead of receiving kudos however, he lost an election tinctured with fraud. In the final act of Greek tragedies it is customary for the protagonist’s character defects, that were well known from the beginning, to manifest themselves bringing about a tragic ending. And so it was with Donald Trump.

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