Black Lives Matter – Squandered Opportunity

Black Lives Matter has not accomplished anything that matters to black lives.

Black Lives Matter – Squandered Opportunity

By: George Noga – December 6, 2020

This post also contains a segment at the end pertaining to the Georgia US Senate election on January 5, 2021. It includes provocative inside information; don’t miss it!

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By almost every measure, BLM is a huge success. It has become a household name, dominated the news, raised (extorted) money from corporate America, won over the media, intimidated politicians, bowled over professional sports, insinuated itself into a nation of 330 million people and imposed its will on huge swaths of America. There is no organization in memory that has made such an impression in as short a time.

BLM incepted and promoted the defund the police movement and had it adopted in progressive venues throughout the nation. Its name is painted prominently in outsized lettering outside the White House, Trump Tower and on streets throughout America. Its name and slogans are on the jerseys of professional sports teams, painted in NFL end zones, on NBA courts and on MLB diamonds. Streets are renamed in its honor. It has raised untold millions of dollars. It has removed statues and murals not to its liking. It spread to many other countries where it has been emulated. Whew!

Yet despite these putative accomplishments, BLM has failed to improve black lives. What if, instead of defunding police, BLM advocated for police reforms and even for more policing in high-crime areas? What if BLM stood for prison reform instead of for ending incarceration? What if BLM lobbied to end the war on drugs? What if BLM promoted opportunity zones instead of socialism? What if BLM embraced self help and eschewed victimhood? However, of all BLM’s missed opportunities, none is more tragic than school choice. What if BLM had demanded universal school choice?

BLM is a tragedy because it accomplished so little when so much more was possible. It squandered a platinum opportunity to matter to black lives. It focused on the 14 unarmed African-Americans killed last year by police instead of on the 10 million black kids whose future is being snuffed out in wretched, failed government schools. If BLM had demanded universal school choice, it could have changed tens of millions of black lives forever. Instead, its name is painted in end zones no one will remember in a few years time. As Shakespeare put it, “(BLM) is but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more.”

BLM is a tragedy because, after its proverbial fifteen minutes of Warholian fame, there will be no benefit to black lives. Blacks will still inhabit the same crime-infested dysfunctional neighborhoods, albeit with reduced policing due to defunding the police. Black children will still attend the same broken government schools. Blacks will still be governed by the same pandering politicians pursuing the same failed progressive policies. Black families will still face the same desperate economic prospects. In the end, BLM will not have accomplished anything that matters to black lives.

Georgia US Senate Runoff Election – January 5, 2021

The US Senate is 50-48 Republican. Two Georgia seats are decided January 5, 2021. If both go Democrat, the senate would be 50-50 with Kamala Harris breaking ties. This could loose a phantasmagoria of horrors: abolishing the filibuster, packing the senate by making DC and PR states, granting citizenship to illegal aliens, opening the borders, voting for 16 year olds, national mail-in voting, gun control, abolishing the Electoral College and, the granddaddy of them all, packing the Supreme Court.

Like most Americans, you probably took solace in the recent statement by Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) that he would not vote to end the filibuster. Even if Democrats win both Georgia seats, they can’t pass any of their agenda, including the above list of horrors, without Manchin’s vote to end the filibuster. Manchin’s statement seemed to greatly lessen the urgency for Republicans to win the Georgia election. BINGO!

I recently participated in an off-the-record Zoom meeting that included a prominent Washington insider whose name you would instantly recognize. He vigorously asserted that Manchin’s statement was disingenuous and intended solely to help Dems win the Georgia election by making it appear the stakes were lessened. He unequivocally stated that Manchin (who he knows) never has broken with the Dems when his vote mattered and never would do so in the future. Moreover, even if Manchin wanted to break ranks, the Democratic leadership has so much dirt (corruption) on him that he couldn’t do it.

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