The Worst Systemic Racism in America

Do the lives of 10 million black children matter?

The Worst Systemic Racism in America

By: George Noga – October 4, 2020

Yes, there is systemic racism in America and it is causing irreparable harm to blacks and Hispanics. It is the most pernicious and virulent form of racism extant because it destroys the hopes and dreams of its victims while they are children. It has inflicted grave harm on people of color for generations and continues unabated. The nature of this devastating racism and the people responsible for it may surprise you.

Forcing black kids to attend failed government schools is systemic racism.Those responsible are Democrats, teachers unions and even the NAACP.

The Democratic Party has been a mortal enemy of school choice for decades. If they win in November, they vow to abolish charter schools, voucher programs and to extinguish school choice throughout America. Teachers unions are fierce opponents of choice because it threatens their stranglehold on minority children. Even the NAACP wants to end school choice because of its unholy alliance with progressives – despite overwhelming support for choice among African-Americans. These groups are responsible for the worst systemic racism in America – making them the true racists.

Systemic Racism in Government Schools

Failed inner city public schools make it impossible for black kids to learn. Most teachers come from the bottom deciles of schools of education, which attract the poorest students. They can’t be fired no matter how inept or dangerous; the worst are assigned to rubber rooms. They are anti-competitive government workers who oppose pay based on merit or results. Public schools are a jobs program for adults. Teachers indoctrinate kids in statism, anti-business rhetoric, political correctness, victimhood and entitlement. They terrorize students about the environment and climate change. The history, civics and social studies curricula are based on lies and propaganda.

No children from affluent families ever attend these unaccountable failed schools. Nor is money an issue; these failed schools often spend as much per pupil as elite private schools and triple that of successful parochial schools. They resemble prisons and are petri dishes for every possible dysfunction and social pathology. Honors and awards are cruel hoaxes. Out of all 12 Washington, D.C. public high schools, not one valedictorian could get into any college and not one student was proficient in math.

A poster child for failed government schools is Providence, RI with 25,000 students. An independent inspection found peeling lead paint, brown water, leaking sewage, rats, frigid temperatures, chaos, bullying, no discipline and rampant violence. Only 5% were at grade level. Per pupil spending was $20,000 – 50% above the national average and triple that of successful parochial schools. This has been going on for decades and not one person ever has been held accountable. Meanwhile, Providence charter and voucher schools are successful. If this isn’t systemic racism, nothing is.

Who are the Real Racists?

If the conditions described above, that permeate inner city schools, were imposed on people of color by white conservatives, is there any doubt whatsoever that progressives and minorities would scream racism to high heaven? They would (rightfully) castigate those responsible as systemic racists. Is it any less racist that these horrific conditions are imposed on blacks by liberals, unions and the NAACP? By far, the worst systemic racism in America is forcing poor minority children to attend failed government schools. Those responsible for this atrocity are the real racists in America today!

Last year fewer than 14 unarmed African-Americans were killed by police officers. Today there are 10,000,000 black children whose futures are being snuffed out by the systemic racism of failed government schools. Surely, these black lives matter.

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