Liberals Believe the Strangest Things

Liberalism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.
Liberals Believe the Strangest Things
By: George Noga – December 2, 2018

          It’s time to throw some red meat to our conservative readers and to challenge our progressive ones. The quote in the preheader above is from, you guessed it, Churchill. The liberal credo is sentio ergo sum, i.e. I feel, therefore I am. Liberalism is an emotional state in which obvious contradictions, disdain for facts, utopian fantasies, obsessive desires to control others and antipathy for all who differ – in various degrees and patterns – come to dominate a person’s thinking. For those who believe this definition is too long, it can be reduced to just four words: liberalism is a lie!

        Progressivism is antithetical to objective reality; it embraces dogma, mythology, political correctness, identity politics, unreason, ad hominem attacks and junk science. Progressives have corrupted politics, science, media, religion, government and even sports. It is the god that failed. Their ideas have gone bad: Obamacare, welfare, public housing, government schools, affirmative action and diversity programs. They have contempt for America, western civilization and all who differ. The failure of liberalism explains why progressives are eagerly turning to socialism as their next best hope.

       Liberals accept preposterous contradictions. They believe in manmade global warming but oppose natural gas which lowers CO2. They are against nuclear power although more people died at Chappaquiddick than at Three-Mile Island and Fukushima combined (from radiation). They tout Nordic nations as socialist successes even though they are capitalist, while ignoring real socialist states like Venezuela. They believe America is racist despite a two-term black president; they believe unions help workers even though 94% of private sector workers reject unionism as a bad deal.

       They believe in government health care despite its failure with the VA, Native Americans and in Canada and England. Sixty percent (60%) of Americans pay no income tax (net of credits), but they believe the tax system is not progressive. They demand organic food although there is no difference in taste, vitamins or pesticides and it uses 30% more land and costs much more. They panic over GMOs which feed the poor of the world and reduce the land required for agriculture. They believe in gender specific abortions because it is necessary to kill females in order to protect their rights.

       Progressives believe it is okay for a young girl to have an abortion without parental consent but not to open a lemonade stand; fifty million abortions are good but 1,000 executions are evil. They fanatically support choice but oppose a woman’s right to choose where to school her children, to own a gun, whether or not to buy health insurance or to join a labor union. They profess compassion and good intentions, but it is all virtue signalling. They oppose school choice, but not for their own kids.

        Liberals oppose corporate money and Citizens United, while vastly outspending their opponents. There was no blue wave this past election, but there was a green wave of money from unions, Soros, Bloomberg and Steyer. They supported Beto O’Rourke, who has an hispanic nickname but no hispanic heritage, over Ted Cruz, whose father was 100% hispanic. They believed Brett Kavanaugh’s uncorroborated accusers while dismissing much more credible charges against Keith Ellison. They use scare tactics about climate change while fiercely opposing common sense forest management.

       Progressives cluster in bi-coastal, bien-pensant tribes, living, learning, working, socializing and intermarrying, often for generations. Many don’t know even one Christian or anyone from flyover land. They live in intellectually vapid and isolated bubbles where their myths are constantly reinforced. Life in the liberal tribe is easy; tribal members never have to think; whatever the tribe believes is right; whatever others believe is wrong. Consequently, liberals believe the strangest things.

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