Independence Day 2019

What do marauding extraterrestrials, progressives and Muslims have in common?
Independence Day 2019
By: George Noga – June 30, 2019

        This is an update of our most popular July 4th posting inspired by the movie Independence Day, in which extraterrestrials, having despoiled their home planet, invade Earth with the objective of stripping it of all its resources, rendering it uninhabitable and then moving on to do the same to other planets. An alien race plundering planets, leaving them dead, failing to learn from it and then replicating such behavior on other pristine worlds repulsed everyone who saw the movie. Yet, this exact same behavior pattern is being aped today by progressives and others.

         Liberals have despoiled their blue state homes via decades of failed progressive governance including sky-high taxes, mindless regulation, gun control, failed schools, mandatory unionization, rampant crime, political corruption, high living cost, massive debt, huge unfunded liabilities and sanctuary for illegal immigrants. After rendering their home states uninhabitable, they flee these bleak dystopian wastelands where everyday life can be toxic. They invade red states with much lower taxes, less crime, fewer regulations, right-to-work laws, lower cost of living, balanced budgets, better schools, gun rights and where everyday life is freer and more humanistic.

          The transplanted liberals, who move to red states by the millions, love life in red state America; none ever return to their blue state snake pits. However, just like the marauding aliens in Independence Day, most transplanted progressives continue to vote for the same pernicious and destructive policies that turned their home planet (blue states) into the veritable hell holes they desperately fled. Inexplicably, most invaders from blue states don’t make the connection between the policies that doomed their home states and the different red state policies that attracted them.

        Progressives aren’t the only ones mimicking the Earth-invading aliens. Muslims are deserting their home countries in droves to emigrate to western democracies. They flee their noxious homelands so they can speak, vote, live and worship in liberty and build a much better life for their children. Instead, they copy the marauding aliens and attempt to turn their new homes into replicas of the entropic rats’ nests they fled including Sharia law, genital mutilation, honor killings and subjugation of  women.

         There are other groups impersonating aliens bent on destroying the planet. Today, there are over 5 million Puerto Ricans living in the US (1.2 million in Florida) while only about 3 million remain in Puerto Rico. Most vote for the same failed policies that depredated their troubled island. Political dysfunction caused much more devastation than Hurricane Maria. Then there also are El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

       It’s hard to draw distinctions between planet-destroying aliens of Independence Day and progressives, Muslims and Puerto Ricans. They each have despoiled their own world, moved on to new worlds and are despoiling them. There is one critical distinction: the aliens of Independence Dayafter destroying Earth, could move on to other planets; that option is not yet available to us. When will they ever learn?

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