Food Fight in America

Progressive beliefs about food are a witch’s brew of ignorance, politics and religion.
Food Fight in America
By: George Noga – August 21, 2016
     Progressives call GMOs frankenfood and demand it be labeled. They believe organic food tastes better, is healthier, more nutritious, more natural and better for the environment. As usual, we examine the underlying facts.
      Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs: Vermont recently became the first state to mandate GMO labeling – which could cost $500 annually per family as uninformed consumers buy more expensive non-GMO foods. National surveys show 90% favor labeling food containing GMOs; however, the same surveys show 80% also favor labeling for  DNA – what does that tell you about consumers’ acumen?
      Over 100 Nobel Laureates signed a letter supporting GMOs asserting: (1) scientific agencies find GMOs as safe or safer than other foods; (2) there has never been a single confirmed case of a negative health outcome; (3) the environmental impact is less damaging; and (4) they are a boon to biodiversity. Despite this, progressive groups are blocking a GMO rice that reduces/eliminates vitamin A deficiency, which UNICEF estimates can save the lives of 2 million children each year in Africa and Asia.
      With absolutely zero scientific basis and the most blatant anti-science of our age, liberals deny the fruits of modern science to starving and under-nourished poor people. This is not only callous, inhumane and heartless, it is nothing short of imposing starvation solely in the name of progressive religion. To call it immoral is insufficient.
      If GMOs are labeled, we propose the following. “This product contains organic material altered by human intervention. GMOs began 10,000 years ago per the Bible (Genesis 30:30-43) via our forebears’ selection of seeds and breeding. In recent centuries some GMOs resulted from natural mutations due to radiation or chemicals. More recently, some GMOs were via alterations to DNA. These changes have been an unmitigated boon to all of mankind and to the environment. Bon Appetit!”
       Organic Food: For acolytes of the environmental religion, organic food is their holy Eucharist. It is politically correct manna that the right people with the right ideas consume to demonstrate their good intentions, to feel smug about themselves and to solidify their membership in the progressive tribe. Organic food is mainly a political construct; knowing this, Whole Foods puts its stores nearly exclusively in enclaves with high concentrations of progressive voters. Whole Foods understands that they really are selling warm, fuzzy, feel-good Utopian fantasies rather than food.
      There is no difference in taste between organic and conventionally grown food as confirmed by scores of blind, independent taste tests. Stanford researchers reviewed 237 studies and published their conclusions in the Annals of Internal Medicine concluding there are no differences in health, nutrition or antioxidant levels. Organic isn’t more natural and 25% is fake, grown in China. There is however one clear difference – organic costs up to 300% more. How do you spell g-u-l-l-i-b-l-e?
       Nor is organic better for the environment. Both organic and conventional farming use pesticides, the sole difference is organic uses “natural” pesticides which are not as effective and require much heavier usage with bad consequences for the environment. Organic is inefficient, requiring anywhere from 30% to 50% more land – another body blow to the environment. Organic emits more greenhouse gasses from fertilizer (manure), often trucked in from afar. Organic is neither local nor sustainable.
       Progressive dogma about food is 100% voodoo, a toxic witch’s brew of ignorance, eco-religion, lies, myth and evil. It is indefensible scientifically and morally. Two million poor kids are condemned to death each year from vitamin A deficiency. Those who imbibe the witch’s brew cause needless death to children and destruction to the environment. If liberal ideas are so obviously wrong about simple food issues, how can progressives ever be taken seriously about more weighty issues?

The next post advocates a new holiday – Capital Day should precede Labor Day

Letter to Liberals

Defining Liberalism – Part 4

By George Noga – November 22, 2014

Dear Liberal Friends:

Although I find liberal ideas (to the extent such exist) jejune, vapid and repugnant, I always have accorded you personal respect and dignity, a courtesy few of you have reciprocated. This is akin to the Christian concept of condemning the sin while loving the sinner. Most of you have been quick to call me racist, evil and other vile epithets but I do not reciprocate, again defaulting to a Christian concept, turning the other cheek. Although I have many liberal readers, my blog is not aimed at those impervious to truth and logic. This post is an exception and is expressly for you, my liberal friends.

Our personal lives, dreams and hopes are not dissimilar; we all want a brighter future for our children and a healthier planet; we live within our means; we assist those in need; we consider ourselves moral and try to do the right thing. We live-and-let-live, which interestingly is a libertarian principle. We enjoy similar pursuits and generally get along very well together. When politics rears its head however, it seems we are from different planets – make that different galaxies.

“Your credo is sentio ergo sum – I feel therefore I am.”

I view your liberalism as an emotional state in which obvious contradictions, disdain for facts, utopian fantasies, obsessive desires to control and to take from others and antipathy for all who differ – in various degrees and patterns – come to dominate your thinking. It seems that you feel rather than think; hence your credo is Sentio ergo sum, i.e. I feel therefore I am. Notice I say liberalism is an emotional state; I do not, as do many others, term it a mental illness. Churchill described your liberalism poignantly as: “the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.”

Perhaps your liberalism was caused or exacerbated by fluoridation, EMT, the ozone hole, acid rain, GMOs, Thimerosal, dioxin, PCBs, acrylamide, BPA, pink slime or any combination of these and the 50 other instances of junk science in which you once believed – and perhaps continue to believe – and all of which have been proven false or grossly exaggerated. Did I mention anthropogenic global warming and organic foods? You embrace unreason because your progressive dogma is antithetical to objective reality and you prefer the ersatz comfort of mythology to the real world.

“Your liberalism is a lie.”

You believe the darndest things – many of which are contradictory. It is okay for a very young girl to have an abortion without parental knowledge or consent but not for her to sell lemonade in her front yard. Gender specific abortion is fine because we must kill females in order to protect their rights. Fifty million abortions are good but 1,300 executions are evil. Choice is your gold standard but you believe a woman cannot choose where to school her children, to own a gun and whether or not to buy medical insurance or to join a labor union. You believe more money improves schools, raising the minimum wage helps the poor, voter ID laws suppress minority voting, there is a war on women, government creates jobs,ad infinitum. Such modern day witchcraft inevitably leads to the syllogistic conclusion that your liberalism is a lie.

Most of you live inside a plastic bubble with other bien-pensant libs, in intellectually isolated and segregated enclaves; you live your lives without ever conversing with an evangelical Christian, conservative, libertarian or anyone from fly-over land. You attended government schools with a liberal curriculum using liberal textbooks written by leftist professors and taught by progressive unionist teachers in a milieu of political correctness.You are taught there are no values except that there are no values. There are no winners or losers because no one keeps score and everyone is above average. The media, pop culture and even religion reinforce your liberal mythology. If you ever venture outside your plastic bubble and perchance encounter truth, your first instinct is to deny it; your second is ad hominem attacks.

Your last liberal refuge is compassion and good intentions about which you never tire of regaling me. However, recent scholarship exposes your ersatz compassion as pathological altruism in which your attempts to promote the welfare of others, instead results in harm. The entire point of your falsetto compassion is for you to feel better when another’s suffering provokes unease; but this does not assure the sufferer of relief. Your interest is in accruing compassion points that you and others will admire. If you’re trying to prove your heart is in the right place, it isn’t. You regard your compassion as the central virtue that makes you good as distinguished from mean-spirited folks like me. But to bolster your rush of pious, pompous reaction, you need more victims in exactly the same way an addict needs more drugs.

“If you’re trying to prove your heart is in the right place, it isn’t.”

If you are so anguished about others’ suffering, why are you so disinterested in wasteful, misdirected and ineffective government programs? It is because you care much less about actually helping than you care about caring. Hence, it is more important for you to say or to do something rather than to accomplish something. Once you have written, spoken or even held forth at a social gathering about some government program, your work is done and you can bask in your own pious reaction. You always want a bigger welfare state for self validation rather than for helping others. That’s precisely why your mantra always is to spend more – it is really for your benefit for you to feel better about yourself.

To conclude dear liberal friends, you are all about feeling rather than thinking. You bought uncritically into every bit of junk science in your lifetime. You routinely accept grotesque contradictions as dogma. You believe so much that simply isn’t true, the only possible conclusion is that liberalism is a lie. You live in a plastic bubble where your myths are constantly reinforced. If you ever experience a conflict, you first deny the truth and then default to vicious and ugly ad hominem attacks. Unsurprisingly, studies show liberals hate more than any other group, a fact to which I can attest.

Even your compassion is phony; your tears are crocodile tears. If you really cared about the poor more than pumping up your self image, you would be more interested in the effectiveness (results) of programs intended to assist them rather than forever mindlessly spending more and more of other peoples’ money. By the way, study after study shows you talk a good game but don’t deliver; folks like me donate far more to charity than folks like you. You take great pride in your compassion and pristine intentions which you wear on your sleeve for all to see. Everything you do is to show your heart is in the right place; but if you’re trying to prove your heart is in the right place, ipso facto, it isn’t!  Have a nice day.

Acknowledgment and credit are due for the ideas presented herein dealing with the nature of liberal compassion. The books Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State and The Pity Party both by William Voegeli, as well as his summary in Imprimis, were sources for this posting.